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    User Activity Analysis
    (for Microsoft Dynamics)

    A plug-and-play product suite consisting Dynamics data collector, ETL and Power BI metrics and visualization enabling you to analyze user behavior, business process efficiency, security concerns, system load and much more.

    Few people know that Dynamics AX / 365 for Finance and Operations can offer loads of information about user behavior. Using it effectively can provide valuable insight into user and process efficiency, system and process bottlenecks, possible training requirements and much more. We offer a set of visualization and dashboards to help you learn how your system performs and how your users are interacting with their most important tool on the job.

    Analysis topics

    A few questions that our User Activity Analysis suite may answer for you.

    • How is my system performing? When are the peak times?
    • Are there any periods where user experience is particularly bad?
    • How is the user experience in general?
    • What are the most heavily used functions? What are obsolete customizations?
    • How aligned are actual business processes with the theoretical/planned processes?
    • What are those functions / UI elements which do not serve users well?

    And so much more…


    • How efficient are our processes? Where are the bottlenecks in our processes?
    • Is there any suspicious activity going on in the system?
    • What is a typical role profile? Are there any users deviating from it?
    • Who are the heavy users and what do they do?
    • How does our security structure compare to actual usage?
    • How can license usage be optimized?

    User Activity Analysis sample report (on Power BI)