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    Digital Transformation. We hear it every day, but what does it mean? It is simply the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. We help you in your transformation by providing you solutions and ideas. We provide you technology and expertise to be successful in implementing these ideas. Ultimately, we would like to help you transform yourself.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 provides cloud-based ERP and CRM designed to help your entire enterprise work smarter with connected systems— including financials, demand planning, supply chain management, database services, and retail. Roll out more powerful ERP tools that give your teams faster, smarter business processes to fuel business growth.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 represents the new world of cloud ERP and as such it opens a new world of what is possible with using an ERP solution.
    Dynamics offers the the full functionality of the on-premise Dynamics AX 2012 R3 solution as Dynamics 365 Operations Plan and the full Dynamics CRM suite as Customer Engagement Plan as one package. All this with a web browser user interface and fully running on Microsoft Azure cloud. Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement (CRM) are integrated by powerful Microsoft technology. Sales staff can use Dynamics CRM features as they like it with the relevant data passed to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


    A stable, scalable platform, rich functionality and easy integration options are nice, but they matter only if it enables you to run your processes smoothly and to provide the necessary information to make sound business decisions. It is a set of tools where it is up to you and your consultant to pick the best tools for the job and to use it in the best possible way. If you select the right tool and use them the right way, you will be successful. Pick even the highest quality tool, if it is not for the job, or if you can not use it, the job will not be done properly. In other words, the way how you implement an ERP/CRM system makes a big difference – it can make or break your business.

    We at BIZTUP take this “toolbox approach” very seriously; our team has decades of experience in advising you how to leverage the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics the best possible way. We concentrate on the people and on the business processes and find the best ways to accommodate to these processes by finding the best features in Microsoft Dynamics.


    Dynamics 365 opens up brand new capabilities, because it works on any mobile device natively plus it is extremely easy to create a mobile app to access any data stored in Dynamics 365 and interact with it.

    Diagrams and charts now built into the operational software, so data analysis is not an afterthought; business users have all the relevant information at their fingertips and able to act on it day by day, enabling the transformation to a real data driven business culture.
    Integration is much easier in this framework with many of the services offered out of the box by Microsoft; thus leveraging external data and connecting your system to your partners’ system has never been easier.

    It also blurs the line between traditional ERP and CRM systems. It is one organization after all, and ERP and CRM simply addresses slightly different requirement by “operational” and “sales” staff. We have always found this distinction unfortunate with all the technical implications – having separate system and all the integration difficulties that come with it. Dynamics 365 provides you the option to handle both ERP and CRM capabilites in one system. Alas an integrated implementation approach is needed what we can provide.



    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is the on premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for medium-to-enterprise size organizations. It provides comprehensive, core functionality you need to run efficiently, make smart business decisions and engage your customers.

    Dynamics AX 2012 R3 provides more business value faster by delivering core ERP and industry-specific capabilities. It’s designed to work the way your people already work—with Microsoft business apps and IT infrastructure—so you’ll see faster adoption and broader usage. Dynamics AX 2012 R3 provides you even more than previous versions in the following areas.

    We have been working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 since its introduction and we love it because it provides a very stable, mature and flexible platform with functionality which has been enriched continuously based on customer feedback. It has now reached a maturity when it is safe to say that organizations of all sizes and complexities are able to run their business on it efficiently with minor or no customization.


    We can help you with green field, full lifecycle Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations, but also with version upgrades, process efficiency reviews or functional / geographical roll outs. We are a firm believer that the real gains of an ERP system can be achieved if it is constantly monitored and improved after go live. We can help you assessing how Dynamics AX is used, how it could be used more efficiently and what additional functionality you could use to manage your business better.

    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud gives you a lot of benefits. No, or significantly less upfront cost; a more flexibility; more speed and efficiency in setting up new infrastructure, no need for expensive internal tech staff. These are easy to measure and explain. But there is more. More options, more integration, a more open architecture, functions and technologies which previously was only accessible for enterprise sized organizations.

    The solutions what we provide run in the cloud mostly and we can also help you finding your way and setting up your cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. A cloud architect can help you selecting the right services, the right sizing thus helping you save significant money in subscription fees.

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