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    Sales Analysis Dashboard

    A plug-and-play product suite consisting and Power BI metrics and visualization enabling you to analyze your sales performance from various perspectives.

    Our Sales Analysis Dashboard provides a set of industry standard measures (more than a hundred) and visualizations which help you analyze your sales performance. You can monitor your territorial sales performance, trends in time, margin and price analysis, customer segmentation, churn, sales staff performance, delivery performance, channel performance and much more.

    The benefit of our tool is that it does not require lengthy analysis, design, development and then deployment. The measures, visualizations and dashboards offer you a very wide selection of analytical tools what you can pick from and then use them virtually from day one. Naturally, your data sources and data quality matters. We have to find the ways to “feed” these analytical tools from your company data. If you are using some reasonably modern business software for tracking your sales (sales orders, sales invoices and alike) we are confident that your organization already possesses most of the necessary information. Our team just need to do a short mapping exercise and a quick analysis to see what you need and/or what you may want to change on our standard set, and then you are ready to go.

    The sample report below shows you a few data visualizations to give you an extremely simplified glimpse into our Sales Analysis Dashboard.

    Sales Analysis Dashboard sample report