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    Microsoft Dynamics Rollout

    Dynamics rollout services to help you extend your boundaries

    ERP implementation rarely stops at the borders; it follows anywhere your company goes. You need an experienced team; people who are able to assist you in jumping borders and in extending your Dynamics system, geographically or otherwise.

    We are ideally placed to help you in rolling out your Dynamics system – primarily in the Central European region.

    Global experience

    We have been working on international projects extensively in multiple industries. We have worked with many international Dynamics partners. We are familiar with all sorts of project approaches and methodologies and we are very comfortable working people from various cultures.

    Local knowledge

    We have in-depth knowledge about Central European regulation, business practices and about the peculiarities of the culture. We also have an extensive professional network in the region.

    Call us for a free consultation!

    We offer a free consultation to analyze your current situation and what the most effective rollout strategy could be for you.