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    Custom Development

    Custom development services to address requirements what out-of-the-box software cannot.

    We do enhancements on standard Microsoft Dynamics, so it can be a perfect match for your requirements. When we do customization, we do not only perform technical work. We advise you on how your requirements can be the best match and we always keep on eye on ROI. Each customization is bad until proven otherwise. In other words, we always suggest you keep away from custom development until the business benefit is clearly stated. We help you run “gap challenge” sessions where each custom development candidate is analyzed for cost and benefit.

    We have made hundreds of customizations in all functional areas and this experience ensures that we are only building stuff which makes sense and provides value. We have standardized the way how a custom function must be designed to avoid usual – and very painful – mistakes which are so frequently committed by designers. We are using a robust testing methodology which ensures that the new function is not only tested for the “happy path” but takes a real-life beating during testing. Each new custom function is handed over to the user with a face to face demo to ensure that the users understand how it works and we can get instant feedback. We follow an agile methodology and larger customizations are built in iterations, with constant demos/communication with the (future) users.

    We also do customization outsourcing, so if you are an ERP consulting company, we can provide a stable background in the form of development services.

    Contact us to discuss your customization requirements!