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    Business is complicated. Especially nowadays. Technology is everywhere and data abundant. We are helping you to make things easier and clearer by using Microsoft technology. We help you manage your business better, know more about your customers and yourself, and ultimately grow your business.

    What we offer

    We are a consulting and software development company who can help you implement and use (mostly) Microsoft technologies to run your business better. This includes the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM suites and the full range of Microsoft Business Intelligence offering. We believe in Microsoft because currently, it is the only technology company that can offer the full stack for businesses; cloud services (Azure), business solutions (Dynamics), productivity tools (Office, Skype) and BI and analytics.

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM

    Microsoft Dynamics offers business solutions – ERP and CRM – for companies of all sizes and shapes. We don’t like the term ERP and CRM. We believe that one of these tools will be able to help you run your organization better and with our decades of experience in the field, we are able to help you fully leverage the benefits and minimize risks.

    Business Intelligence

    You collect more and more data and you may not be even aware of it. The way of how you are using it can make your business a leader or a laggard. We offer you industry best practice KPI’s and analytics, help you finding the useful data to underpin the metrics, clean it, synthesize and visualize it so you can make sound business decisions.

    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud is so much more than your servers running somewhere in a datacenter. It gives you flexibility and endless possibilities, and probably cost savings too. You can set up a new architecture in hours. Your data is perfectly secure. You do not have to pay expensive and hard-to-get experts. You can use services and integration options which were simply not possible in the on-premise world. We can help you decide what benefits the cloud would mean to you and how to leverage it.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Microsoft's fully cloud based business software package is now available and it opens up new horizons in what is possible to accomplish with an ERP / CRM system.

    Business Intelligence

    We provide comprehensive business intelligence services, including data analysis and cleaning, KPI creation, state-of-the-art visualizations and dashboards.

    Why us

    We have decades of experience in implementing and supporting ERP, CRM and BI systems. More importantly, we understand that technology must support your business and empower the people who are key to business success.

    People first

    Technology must serve people and technology projects are only successful as long as the people using the technology are successful. Therefore we always put people first. Having a people-first mindset allows you to move away from traditional technical talk and move toward the real value desired.

    Processes second

    Processes tie organizations together and guide people in their daily work. It is communication and collaboration between people. The goal of technology is to enable better processes, better communication, and collaboration. Our work always contains an element of business consulting and we take this very seriously.

    Data third

    Once you established your goals and model them with your business processes, your focus should move to the data. Data flows from external sources to your organization and then it flows along the business processes through it. If you are using this data wisely, you will better know your organization and your environment to make decisions – or later, get an algorithm to help you or make decisions instead of you. Data is where the bridge between the worlds of business and technology first meet.

    Technology last

    Now that you have established the correct focus on people, process and data, you are ready to concentrate on technology for delivery. This is where, all too often, technology vendors focus their time and efforts on product and feature. With the value-driven strategy, ERP/CRM/BI deployment ideally is an ongoing effort that is iterative and collaborative between your business users, technical users and trusted partners.There must be definitely an initial implementation effort, but we are a proponent of relatively small starting implementation and then ongoing improvement and collaboration between business users and consulting company.

    Our team

    Our team consists of motivated and experienced professionals with years or even decades of business and technology experience.

    István Herényi

    With 15+ years of BI and 10+ years of MS Dynamics experience, István is our chief technologist and one of our founders. He worked in various roles as a consultant, project manager, division lead and head of R&D at a large Microsoft partner. He is also the father of one of the largest vertical industry solution on Dynamics AX.

    Dávid Horváth

    Dávid has a business education and background and 13+ years of Dynamics experience. He is the other co-founder, responsible for delivery but also contributes professionally to our projects. He worked in various roles in the past such as CFO, consultant and PMO director. He was an architect of one of the largest vertical industry solution in the world on Dynamics AX.